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So long to wait! Now, the delay effect is into your guitar! Have you ever felt the needs of delay style effect when playing acoustic guitar? Right! Your current familiar acoustic guitar sound is the sound with the natural reverberation from a room condition. The AGE-DD has delay effect with 44K memory built-in and Time, Level, and Repeat in order to use with minutely adjustment. It makes possibility to adjust from long to tap and, in addition, is able to closely simulate the reverb effect in compliance with each setting. Especially, you could play on your stage with high confidence through the phase switch for anti-feedback.


 - Bass, Middle, and Treble controls

- Master volume

- Low Battery check LED

- Delay switch

- Delay Time control

- Delay Level control

- Delay Repeat control

- Phase reverse switch


1pcs of chrome soldered jack in new style

1pcs of piezo pickup artec PP607(Length:70mm,Width:2.5mm)

Artec AGE-DD,3-Band EQ & Digital Delay Effect כולל התקנה בגיטרה

680.00 ₪מחיר
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