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HT-TBL is designed for an 'all in one' unit that blends the sounds from a Condenser Microphone, a Soundhole Magnetic pickup & an under saddle Piezo pickup.

It features 3 band equalizer - Bass, Middle, Treble - with Magnetic / Piezo pickup blender, Microphone controllers (Sharpness & Level), Low battery check LED, Phantom power LED, Phase reverse switch for Anti feedback and Master volume.
It is powered by 9 V battery or 48 V phantom power.
Magnetic - Piezo Blender is a blending system that blends the signals from a Soundhole Magnetic pickup and a under saddle Piezo pickup.
Microphone controller is composed with two features - Level controller & Sharpness controller for the fine control. ARTEC provides the finest condenser microphone with all Mic-blending model.
BASS controls to adjust the amount of gain at 80 Hz, MIDDLE controls to adjust the amount of gain at 800 Hz, TREBLE controls of gain at 3 kHz and all controls can be boosted or cut the amount of 12 dB.



  • Magnetic / Piezo pickup blender
  • Microphone controllers - Sharpness control (High ~ Low) - Level control (Max ~ Min)
  • Bass, Middle, Treble Controls
  • Phase reverse switch
  • Phantom power LED
  • Master Volume
  • Low Battery check LED

To enable the Phantom Power feature, a circut board which is mounted , includes a standard 1/4" input jack and XLR jack. This provides for easy installation on the lower bout of your guitar.. This also gives you the option of using a XLR or 1/4" input jack.

1pcs of Condenser Mic
1pcs of Soundhole Magnetic pickup
1pcs of Balanced XLR jack.
1pcs of piezo pickup artec PP607(Length:70mm,Width:2.5mm)

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790.00 ₪מחיר
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